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Which is doubly unfortunate, as an early Russian electric guitar is known to have existed. This guitar was invented by a certain Comrade Kuznetzov, who was a professor at the Leningrad Research Institute, while working with electromagnetic waves. Kuznetsov's "electromagnetic" guitar was displayed at the Exposition of National Economy Achievements in Moscow in 1935. This was a regular acoustic instrument fitted with a primitive pickup, similar to the earliest experiments of LloydLoar at Vivi-Tone and perhaps only a couple of steps behind Adolph Rickenbacker's first Electro-Spanish and Frying Pan models. While a year or two behind the American inventors, Kuznetzov came to his discovery independently and had the idea been given sufficient development, there might well have been electric guitars manufactured and played in Russia before World War II. Today, one can only speculate what would have happened had an electric guitar been available to such accomplished jazz musicians as Ivan "John" Danker, the master of Hawaiian guitar who recorded with Yakov Skomorovsky's jazz orchestra in the early 1930's. But unfortunately, there were no possible musical applications for such an instrument at the height of Stalin's terror, when jazz itself was outlawed. The "electromagnetic" guitar was forgotten as a minor scientific curiosity.

Sonic Arts Union Electric SoundSonic Arts Union Electric SoundSonic Arts Union Electric SoundSonic Arts Union Electric Sound