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Author Thomas Harris, on whose novel the movie was based, probably didn't choose that combination arbitrarily. As  Reddit user  mrcchapman  first pointed out earlier this year, people taking MAOIs are given a long list of high-tyramine foods and beverages to avoid or limit [ PDF ]. On that list: liver, fava beans, and red wine. Although MAOIs are most commonly used to treat depression, they have also proven effective in treating people with various personality disorders [ PDF ]. (We’re looking at you, Lecter.)

Each episode of the first season is named after an element of French cuisine . [2] The season two titles are named after the different elements of Japanese haute cuisine . [3] The first seven of season three's episodes are named after different courses of Italian cuisine , [4] the subsequent five are named for William Blake 's series of The Great Red Dragon Paintings , [5] and the finale's title is a phrase from Revelation 6:16. [6]

Marc Hannibal Marc HannibalMarc Hannibal Marc HannibalMarc Hannibal Marc HannibalMarc Hannibal Marc Hannibal