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While preparing and sharing this message, I realized again WHY I am still a Christian–and am so grateful to be. It is such good news!
God is actively redeeming and healing the world, and invites every one of us–in the way of Christ–to partner with this good work. Amen. If you missed the message on Sunday night, I’m thrilled to share it again here…

Ronnie Ann, founder of Work Coach Cafe, bases her real-world advice on her many years as an organizational consultant where she helped interview and hire people, added to a certificate from NYU in Career Planning & Development and her own adventures as a serial job seeker. She can also be found on her new blog, Career Nook and on Google+ .

Almost two months after they started working together, Ronnie told Martha that he had something important to tell her. He said that he was concerned he had developed a drug problem. “I’ve been doing a fair amount of ecstasy and amphetamines with my friends on weekends,” he said. “I didn’t think I’d have a problem, but now I’m really worried that I might have an addiction.” Ronnie asked Martha to help him with his substance abuse, but he insisted that she not tell his parents about his drug use. “You’ve met my dad, and you know how afraid I am of him, and I can’t bear the thought of adding to my mom’s worries. I just don’t want you to say anything to them. All I want is some help,” he pleaded.

Ronnie Laws Always ThereRonnie Laws Always ThereRonnie Laws Always ThereRonnie Laws Always There