Plastic ono band pavo frio cold turkey - The Dead Rock Stars Club 1996 - 1997

   REVIEWS ★★★★   “Blurring genres with the same ease it blurs expectations” – Q
★★★★   “One of Yoko Ono’s strongest” – Uncut
★★★★   “Alive with 21st Century energy” – Mojo
★★★★   “Unexpectedly enticing” – The Guardian
★★★★   “An instrument of power and wonder” – The Sunday Times
★★★★   “Anxious dreamscapes, poetic observations and dark images” – The Independent
★★★★   “Nothing matches the force that is Yoko” – Metro
★★★★   “Considered and quite beautiful” – Pitchfork

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Plastic Ono Band Pavo Frio Cold Turkey