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Double duty today Whirlpool 5k color run at 8am now I have the honors to Dj the wedding reception of Mr and Mrs Quentin Weasner... Congrats!

The first season 2002–2003 of Deutschland sucht den Superstar debuted without much hype in October 2002 on the RTL network. The show's co-hosts were Swiss actress Michelle Hunziker and former soap opera actor Carsten Spengemann , while the jury consisted of music producer Dieter Bohlen , radio host Thomas Bug , British music journalist Shona Fraser , and then-president of BMG Germany , Thomas M. Stein . [1] Through word of mouth generated by the appeal of its contestants and the presence of Bohlen's acid-tongued commentary, the show grew into a phenomenon ending with a finale viewed by an estimated twelve million viewers in March 2003. [2]