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The Coit Tower murals were done under the auspices of the Public Works of Art Project , the first of the New Deal federal employment programs for artists. Ralph Stackpole and Bernard Zakheim successfully sought the commission in 1933, and supervised the muralists, who were mainly faculty and students of the California School of Fine Arts (CSFA), including Maxine Albro , Victor Arnautoff , Ray Bertrand, Rinaldo Cuneo , Mallette Harold Dean, Gordon Langdon, Clifford Wight, Edith Hamlin , George Albert Harris , Otis Oldfield , Suzanne Scheuer , Hebe Daum, Jane Berlandina , Frederick E. Olmsted Jr., Jose Moya del Pino and Frede Vidar. [11] [12]

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Just this morning trump and the republicans talked about their newest focus to get rid of things such as unemployment insurance, food stamps, and welfare for the most vulnerable in our society which are mostly women, children, seniors and the disabled. Don’t ever pretend that you believe in any God or religion when you support these pagan policies. Shame on republicans who believe in party and power over country . Same thing can be said of people who will vote for a pedophile who exerted his power over and above the rights of children who were assaulted by this pedophile. Shame on Alabama who has stained their state forever!

Maxine Brown Out Of SightMaxine Brown Out Of SightMaxine Brown Out Of SightMaxine Brown Out Of Sight