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If you missed the show on Saturday morning, try again on Sunday, Jan. 7th. The two worlds will be little more than a quarter of a degree (1/4 o ) apart--half the width of a full Moon. They won't be this close together again until March of 2020. [ sky map ]

This is, in fact, a fantastic world!...The island was first sighted in 1506 by a Portuguese sailor, Tristão da Cunha, but he didn´t land due to high clifs all arround the island. I just can imagine what these explorers, such as Livingstone and Magellan (Magalhães), may wonder when they discover places like this. Imagine you start hearing some distant but intense noise in middle of inexplored jungle in Central Africa and finally get a first sight of the Victoria Falls... Feel so envy!

Amazingly, like that weird tree branching up there is a tree in the Dominican and I image other Caribbean countries that have many many roots like that. However they can only grow in salt water but it's insane to see also. Great post.

Earth Island We Must SurviveEarth Island We Must SurviveEarth Island We Must SurviveEarth Island We Must Survive