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CCWPNY is the name of the Google Group for residents in apartments in downtown White Plains. One objective is to balance the influence of house owners as represented by the CNA organization. Make WP less pedestrian hostile. Get more involved in the quality of life, including the new revitalization of the train station area.

“We have already surpassed historic flood levels that surpass levels seen in 1864,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Angie Enyedi. “The levels will continue to rise.”

At least 1,200 Americans were evacuated from St. Martin, while some who remained on the island describing instances of looting—somethingalso seen in Florida, with a group of alleged looters arrested in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday.

Celia Casham, of Yorkshire Housing, said it firmly supports the right of people to worship in the way they choose.

Holt, 50 and white, is now an urban planner and a professor at Birmingham-Southern College in Alabama, where his areas of interest include sociology and community development. In 2010, he penned a paper titled “Gwinnett Goes Global: The changing image of American suburbia.”

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The Residents The White SingleThe Residents The White SingleThe Residents The White SingleThe Residents The White Single