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There are conflicting sources as to whether he made his first professional recording session with Dinah Washington : [4] lists the session as September 27, 1949 in New York City, but Lewis Porter's John Coltrane: His Life and Music states that he was on tour with the Dizzy Gillespie Big Band during that time. [5] Most sources confirm that he recorded with Billy Valentine on November 7 in Los Angeles for Mercury Records . In subsequent years, Coltrane sat in on recording sessions with Gillespie, Johnny Hodges , Earl Bostic , and Gay Crosse.

From ‘55 to ‘57, Coltrane was a member of Davis’s five-piece ensemble, the First Great Quintet, but, after a time, he was let go from the group because of his gnawing drug habit (for Coltrane, a great regret one friend remembers as “the shark of his life”), and finds himself at a crossroads: continue down a self-damaging path or clean up. He eventually quit cold turkey, locking himself in his Philadelphia home as he battled withdrawal. “Each night,” Antonia Andrews, Coltrane’s step daughter recalls with tears in her eyes at one point in the film, “he seemed to not be as sick.”

John Coltrane Coltrane JazzJohn Coltrane Coltrane JazzJohn Coltrane Coltrane JazzJohn Coltrane Coltrane Jazz