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Sloan was recently interviewed by the X22 Spotlight , and he is asking people to prepare themselves now for what’s coming.

Anomaly bills itself very clearly as a new model agency. It describes itself as a response to the notion that the old agency models "are all broken" and "the traditional solutions are becoming less and less effective". Its positioning sounds like a bunch of clich├ęs, because so many agencies are talking about the need to re-gear their approach around the same principles: ideas-led, media-neutral, integrated, multi-disciplinary. Anomaly, though, launched with these principles at its core.

Dax was to make her 'pop' musical debut in 1979 just three weeks of joining the group Amii Toytal and the Croixroads - this was a pseudonym for the Lemon Kittens - as keyboardist, flautist and saxophonist. It was their first gig and took place at Reading University's Student Union 'Airport' Bar. Karl Blake from the Lemon Kittens had met her some three weeks earlier after he read an article about her in a local newspaper. Blake was in urgent need of an artist, so he attended the next meeting of Dax's arts group and was introduced to her. Upon learning that she could also play saxophone and flute, he immediately recruited her for the band; in addition, he also got her to agree to do the cover artwork for the planned release. She ended up doing the cover artwork for all of Lemon Kittens releases.

Shock Headed Peters Life Extinguisher EPShock Headed Peters Life Extinguisher EPShock Headed Peters Life Extinguisher EPShock Headed Peters Life Extinguisher EP